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Reverse Engineering

Services Regarding Reverse Engineering

When you don’t have the drawings or design concepts, we have the ability to reverse-engineer any turboexpander component you need. By using laser scanners and reverse engineering software, we have the ability to measure every minute detail to recreate any part to its original design.

Even damaged parts can be reverse engineered. With a combination of laser scanning, high-precision instrumentation, and engineering expertise, we are capable of reverse engineering any component so that it runs like brand new. We have the technical experience to reverse engineer any OEM component back to original specifications; this includes Atlas-Copco (Mafi-Trench), GE Rotoflow, and others.

Send us your damaged part, along with any supplemental information, and we can begin reverse engineering the part to get your machine back in operation.

Better yet, why wait for damaged parts to create costly downtime – we can reverse-engineer and manufacture any OEM component as a spare part to ensure your turbomachine remains functional.